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Acknowledgments and Gratitude

This page is a collective thank you to those who have generously supported my Indiegogo Campaign so far. The campaign is running until April 18th, so keep sharing it and spreading the word! Names are shown in a close approximation of chronological order of contribution. Take a look, check out other people on the list, you guys are an amazing and very talented group!

Joe Winter

Lish McBride

Laurie Thompson

Dana Arnim

Joni Sensel

Kim Baker

Gail Martini-Peterson

Tina Hoggatt

Dan Richards

Jennifer Mann

Dana Sullivan

Alison Weatherby

Martin Bullard

Kevin Jones

Julie Whitehorn

Patricia and Dave Hansen

Donna Weidner

Jen Koogler

Elizabeth Fiddler

Dominica Malcom

Elizabeth Rose Stanton

Martha Brockenbrough

Jeanne Hoppe

Lisa L. Owens

Gretchen Bear



Carol Cleveland

Steve Kaattari

Ilsa Kaattari

Ross Kling

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